Natalie Wood


2 thoughts on “Natalie Wood

  1. What a truly stunning natural beauty she was. Thanks for sharing these pics, they capture her playful personality so well. Wonderful. AM.

  2. I`ve heard people say Natalie Wood was very photogenic. I disagree. She is simply pure
    beauty and it is just impossible for a “bad” picture of her to be captured. I`ve seen thousands of photographs of her and although she can look different in them, she is the
    same stunningly gorgeous woman in every one. Weather playful and pixie haired or dolled
    up for glamour, to my eye, her beauty is unparalleled and will be forever. Over the years I
    have read more and more about her, I`ve learned what a sweet, kind and caring lady she was. Even when “regular” people talk about meeting her, they always comment how sweet and friendly and down to earth she was. Try finding that in Hollywood today. Her inner
    beauty draws me to her even more. She is greatly missed.

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