1950’s Sci-Fi Movie Poster Art


11 thoughts on “1950’s Sci-Fi Movie Poster Art

    • Yes I have. Forbidden Planet is a Sci-Fi classic and I’m a huge fan of George Pal. The Cold War theme in The Day The Earth Stood Still was challenging for its time.

      • I just saw The Creature from the Black Lagoon at a retro drive in– it was great fun — what an experience! (the film is rather average but combined with everything else it was worth it).

        Yeah, The Day the Earth Stood Still is a classic — Forbidden Planet has to be one of my favorite 50s sci-fi films.

        I’m actually not a fan of Pal — I prefer Forbidden Planet over The War of the Worlds or When Worlds Collide or Destination Moon.

  1. The Drive-In sounds like a fun night. The Creature From The Black Lagoon is more of a Horror Film I suppose and I agree, it wasn’t the best in its genre. I can understand your thoughts on Pal, for his treatment of the H.G. Wells story was quite superficial. Destination Moon also suffered from this, however, in When Worlds Collide, I felt he matured and addressed some evocative themes.

    Forbidden Planet, This Island Earth and The day The Earth Stood Still remain timeless.

  2. There are no minorities among those saved in When Worlds Collide… I dunno, that’s the time I guess, I just found it empty and much more concerned with special effects (some of those backdrops were hilarious).

  3. I agree with your comment about minorities, and yes, to critique the film on those grounds would be anachronistic. I feel this movie was pushing the boundaries of what was contemporary in special effects and some of the Matte Painting is outstanding. However, if you want hilarious, see the early episodes of Dr. Who~now that’s pure cheese!

      • I agree. ‘Forbidden Planet’ is far superior to Pal’s works. Many other films, such as, ‘This Island Earth’ & ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ also had evocative socio-political themes within their respective screenplays.

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